The aid granted to SMEs through various forms, represent an important part of the public resources allocated to regional development. According to the European Commission State Aid Scoreboard [1], Member States granted a total of approximately € 73.7 billion in calendar year 2010 in the form of noncrisis aid, or in relative terms 0.6% of EU GDP 2010.

In various EU Member States and in the European Commission as well, there is an open debate on the efficiency of the subsidy policies towards SMEs growth. The debate is neither limited to the European and national level nor to the scientific and academic area but has also important repercussions on regional level because a better knowledge of the impact of state aids for SMEs would give also regional politicians and regional pubic authorities the opportunity to improve their state aids programs and their regional policies towards SMEs.

The main objective of the OSAIS project was to gain in-depth insight into the results and efficiency of regional state aids for SMEs, provided within the OSAIS partner regions. Under overall leadership of Veneto Region and coordination of the Government of Lower Austria, which had already considerable experiences in evaluation and statistical analyses of regional state aids from earlier studies, the projects partners have developed a comprehensive methodology concept, gathered data for more than 1,500 funded, individual projects and run an impact analysis on the merged data base.

Accompanied by experts for statistical analyses a comprehensive set of indicators was developed for measuring the quantitative and qualitative impact of state aids for SMEs and their satisfaction with the applied State Aid Schemes (SAS). A Scientific Board has accompanied the OSAIS process.

Together with the data analysis as well as with complementary information about the SAS and the regional framework partners have carried out interregional workshops and seminars. Some analysed State Aid Schemes were identified as Good Practices and successful individual projects as Case Studies. Based on these information and findings some partners have developed an action plan with the aim to improve their current State Aid Schemes for SMEs.


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