OSAIS Project press release21 2010

On 28th of September, an article has been published regarding the Osais Project in the local newspaper called “Strzelec Opolski”. Article contains an interview with the Vice Marshal of Opolskie Region – Mr. Jozef Kotys.  Enjoy Your reading!


Effective aid for entrepreneurs 


“What is the main driving force behind the European economy? Small and medium enterprises. They contribute to the development of innovation, expansion of the labor market, promote social inclusion. Opolskie Region has been supporting the development of indigenous enterprises.

- Experience gained through the Silesia Foundation for Development and Promotion of Local Initiatives. With the funds originally derived from the budget of the Federal Republic of Germany, received during the years 1992 – 2002 and derived from sources within the national competitions,  the foundation has provided grants and support to over 1000 companies - said Deputy Marshal Joseph Kotyś Opole.

Regional Operational
Programme Opole also is focused on supporting the SME sector.

- Amount of the resources allocated for SMEs sector is the biggest in the country - says Marshal

How to be of assistance small and medium-sized businesses successfully? How others muddle through it? Which country has the most experience in this field? Project OSAIS (Observatory On State Aid Impact) will seek answers for these questions, composed of representatives from local and regional authorities: Region Opolskie (Poland), Murcia (Spain), Lisbon and Tagus Valley (Portugal), Lower Austria, Champagne-Ardenne (France), Municipality of Heraklion (Greece), Bautzen Innovation Centre (Germany), ADETIM Development Agency (Romania) and Larnaca (Cyprus) Trencin Region (Slovakia), while Veneto Region (Italy) has been a Project Leader.

The Project envisages a series of meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. An effect of these action, inter alia, will be a joint publication of best aid practices guide, as well as an identification of strengths and weaknesses of business support mechanisms such as grants, low-interest loans, bank guarantees, etc. A proposal will also be prepared or draft legislation for the European Commission.

- Exchange of experience, research and analysis will help to create the most effective model of providing aid to companies in the SME sector. It will be used for designing the allocation of resources as well as determining the priority axes of the next Regional Operational Programme after 2013 - Marshal highlights – I hope that our participation in the project OSAIS will contribute to increased economic development and improve the competitiveness of our businesses.

- We need to bet on the economic strengthening of the region. New company's create new jobs as well as increase living standards and citizen satisfaction. I believe that fewer people will leave for profit abroad. In 2008 almost 20 thousand people has returned to the Opolskie Region. Unfortunately, still 4 times more leave region for the work abroad…”