Champagne-Ardenne Region (FR)



Region Champagne-Ardenne is one of the 26 regional authorities (regional level above cities and departmental levels). The 49 elected representatives vote on the budget and decide on major regional policies. Its 2010 budget (600 M€) enables the implementation of its major skills & missions in various sectors :

  • professional training
  • territorial planning
  • infrastructures & transports
  • economical development
  • culture

The Regional Authority has legally defined coordinating role in the field of economic development. It has put in place local policies (mainly dedicated to SMEs) to encourage regional attractiveness, reinforce international interactions, prioritize high quality research, encourage new activities and assist the development of businesses.

The Region has also set up some tools intended to encourage economic development : 3 regional agencies dedicated to economic development (CADev), innovation (CARINNA) and sustainable development(ARCAD).

It also participates in the funding of regional business for risk-capital (CAC) and capital development (IRPAC) in order to reinforce the independent funds of regional business and in the regional guarantee funds, which aim at helping regional businesses to improve their access to bank measures for financial support.

Moreover, the Region assists the regional clusters of competitiveness in the field of agro resources and materials. At last, since 2008 and following the opportunity given by the Government, the Regional Council manages the structural funds (ERDF & ESF).



About region: 


Strategic location and state of the art infrastructure:

Champagne-Ardenne French Region, with its 1,339,000 inhabitants, is ideally located close to Paris area (100 kms) and the large economic markets of north-eastern Europe. The region ranks 6th nationally for per capita GDP (27 837 € in 2008) and is at the heart of major consumer centers with significant purchasing power.

A “sparking” life in an unspoiled natural setting:

It is an attractive region thanks to the quality of its railway (East-European TGV), airport (air-rail-road platform Paris-Vatry), motorway and river infrastructures …and also to its quality of life : 700 000 hectares of forest, 3 regional natural parks, 10,000 hectares of lakes including Europe’s largest artificial one (Lac du Der) and of course the world-wide known Champagne with more than 300 million bottles sold per year !

Varied clusters of excellence:

Several business sectors are well represented in the region, such as packaging, logistics, leading-edge metallurgy, automobile and medical instruments industries; moreover Champagne-Ardenne can count on 2 globally-oriented clusters of competitiveness to encourage the emergence of innovative projects: one dedicated to Industries and Agro-resources (non alimentary valorisation of the entire plant - Pôle IAR) and the second one to innovative materials (Pôle MATERALIA).

Involvement in sustainable development programs:

Champagne-Ardenne thinks about tomorrow by developing environmentally friendly projects (HQE projects, wind turbines, etc.)



Website: www.cr-champagne-ardenne.fr




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