Regional Development Agency of Trenčín Self-Governing Region (SK)



RA TSK n.o. is non-governmental, non-profit, independent organization founded on 22.10.2003 by Trenčín Self-Governing region.

   The main aim of RA TSK n.o. is: 

  • • development of the region using domestic and foreign sources and development of cross border and interregional cooperation
  • • attracting of foreign investment into Trenčín Self-Governing region and initiation of business incubators and industrial parks
  • • support of technical and economical studies creation, consultancy and monitoring of development projects and acquiring of development funding
  • • consultations services with regard to ERDF and Cohesion fund
  • • public presentation of regional projects and initiatives • coordination of activities and cooperation with domestic regional development actors
  • • cooperation with partner organizations from EU countries
  • • assigning of regional development studies creation
  • • creation of regional information systems and databases
  • • educational services in the area of regional development

            RA TSK n.o. was one of the key project partners of project delivering Regional Innovation Strategy for Trenčín Self-Governing Region. RA TSK n.o. was responsible for the aspect of regional consensus building which was the most important step in adopting this strategy among stakeholders of regional development. Project was financed from 6th framework program of EU and is to be finalized in January 2008. RA TSK n.o. is also a project partner in MULINET, Interreg IIV C financed project. The purpose of this project was to develop methodology for development and establishment of network for creation of technology based companies in the region and to develop methodology for their creation. Project was finalized in December 2007. RA TSK n.o. has a long record of preparation project for Structural funds in Slovak Republic as far as it is a key regional development institution of Trenčín Self-Governig Region. RA TSK n.o. also helps around 130 institutions of Trenčín Self-Governing Region to prepare projects for structural funds and other financial tools available and it also provides them with consultancy in implementation of successful projects.


About region: 


Trenčín self-governing region is located in the north-western Slovakia, has an area of 4,502 km² and a population of 600,386 (2005). The Danubian Lowland reaches the region to Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Partizánske areas. There are several mountain ranges in the region: a small part of the Little Carpathians in the south-west, White Carpathians in the north-west, Javorníky in the north, Strážovské vrchy mountains in the centre, Považský Inovec in the south, Vtáčnik in the south-east and Žiar in the east. Small parts of Lesser Fatra and of the Kremnické vrchy mountains also stretch to the region. Major rivers are the Váh in the westerm part of the region, creating so-called Váh Basin and Nitra in the south-east and east, creating the Upper Nitra Basin.


The population density is 214 inhabitants per km², which is more than Slovak average (110 per km²) and the second highest after the Bratislava Region. The largest towns are Trenčín, Prievidza, Považská Bystrica, Dubnica nad Váhom and Partizánske. According to the 2001 census, the region had 605,583 inhabitants, with Slovaks forming a relatively homogeneous majority (97.3%), with a small minority of Czechs (1%) and others.


The most important sectors are machinery, textile, garment and chemical industry (especially rubber industry). In the past the machinery was markedly oriented towards arm production and arm systems. Current machinery industry underwent considerable restructuralization. The production of textile, garment and shoe industry preserved its continuity. The demonstration of strong concentration of the industry is organization of fashion exhibition „Trencin – city of fashion“. The chemical industry is concentrated in the city of Puchov. Newly developing sector is electrotechnical sector in the neighborhood of the cify of Nova Dubnica and it represents 75% of industrial production of the city. Behind the intensive investments into the cable production and machine controllers are especially foreign investments.

Website: http://www.ratsk.sk


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