Larnaca District Development Agency (CY)



The Larnaca District Development Agency was formed, based on the models of the developmental structures and mechanisms that function in the E.U. The Agency is a non-Profit organization and has been accredited as a Public Equivalent Body.

It was established on 16 October 2003. Its shareholders are the Municipalities of Larnaca, Athienou, Aradippou and Lefkara, 45 out of 48 Community Councils of the district of Larnaca, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the District of Larnaca, the Ladies’ Association of Rural Larnaca, the Co-op Banks of Skarinou, Psematismenos and Tochni, the Union of Communities of Larnaca and KENTHEA.

The main objective of the Agency is the rendering of services to its shareholders regarding the exploitation of E.U. funds and the implementation of their aims and visions, through their participation in E.U. funded programmes.

The Agency aims at covering the following needs:

• Providing information about issues concerning the E.U.

• Providing support to the self-governmental organizations of the district of Larnaca regarding their developmental role and plans

• Developmental planning of the broader area of the district of Larnaca

• Maximum exploitation of the available Structural, National and European Funds, through the participation of the shareholders and the management of programmes.

• Providing technical support to the citizens and to other organizations of the district of Larnaca in the fields of education and training, improvement of the quality of living and, in general, the socioeconomic development.

• Engagement of initiatives regarding the protection of the environment and conservation of the cultural heritage

• Development of the relationship of the shareholders with other member-states’ self-governmental organizations

• Promotion of the maximum possible cooperation between the self-governmental organizations of the district of Larnaca and other Public, semi-Public and Private Bodies

The Larnaca District Development Agency has huge experience in the implementation of EU funded programmes and has participated in many INTERREG, MED and other Programmes. (For more information and details please visit the website of the agency: www.anetel.com).


About region: 

Cyprus geography combines the location of the island with its topography, climate, natural resources and land use.Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Cyprus lies at a distance of 97 kilometres from Syria and 64 kilometres from Turkey. The entire island covers an area of approximately 9,250 square kilometres and has a coastline of about 648 kilometes. The shoreline of the District of Larnaca is 25 Km from which the beaches cover 14 Km.

Cyprus has a total of 772km of shoreline, of which 296km are within the area on which the Government exercises effective control (38%), 404km are in the occupied part (52%) and 72km are within the British Military Bases (10%). The largest part of the country's territory can practically be considered as a coastal zone and has a dominant influence on all of Cyprus.

Cyprus’ estimated population is 730,000 of which 87,5% belongs to the Greek Cypriot community and 12,5 % to the Turkish Cypriot community. The District of Larnaca is constituted by 4 Municipalities and 48 Communities.

It has an extent of 1.021,08 square kilometres, population of around 68.000 residents and density of 68,17 residents/km2.

The District of Larnaca is located In the Southeast part of Cyprus occupying the 27,73% of the whole country.

The borders of the District of Larnaca are in the North with the capital Nicosia in the East with Famagusta District and in the West with Limassol district.

Website: www.anetel.com