ADETIM - Economic and Social Development Agency of Timiş County (RO)


The Economic and Social Development Agency of Timiş County is a Public Service subordinated to Timis County Council. The agency is one of the most important organizational instruments created by the Timis County Council for the economic development of the County, acting as an interface between the local public administration and the private sector and a center for promoting the best politics, methods and practices for the economic development.

Function - ADETIM has to identify the problems that stop the economic development of the Timis County, to suggest the proper solutions and to initiate projects that would resolve these problems.

The Main Objective - is that ADETIM contributes with specific measures to the economic and social development of the Timis Country. As a partner of public institutions and economic private firms from Romania and abroad, ADETIM offers information, consultancy services and project management consultancy and also offers support in accessing the financing programs for realizing investment objectives in the public and private sectors.

About region: 

Timis County is situated in the western part of Romania, at the confluence of three countries:

  • •  Hungary,
  • •  Romania,
  • • Serbia.

It has a surface of 8.678 km2 (3,6 % from the country’s total). Its population: 676.360 inhabitants and density: 77, 44 loc/ km². It is an interferential zone for multiple ethnics, languages, customs and cultures: Romanian, Hungarians, Germans, Serbians and others. Urban population is 62.5% from the total county’s population. The capital of the County is Timisoara, the most representative for the Timis County with 312,400 inhabitants. Lugoj is the second large town in Timis County with approx. 50.000 inhabitants. There are also 8 Towns with approx. 70.000 inhabitants.

            The roads network - with a length of 2900 km – the largest road network in Romania. The Timis County is crossed by the Pan European Corridor (IV), two European roads: E 70 and E 671, three national roads DN 6, DN 59, and DN 69. The forms of relief are very diverse, but dominated by plains, which cover the western area and the central area. The county has a great natural diversity, with protected natural areas of national interest and declared natural monuments.

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