Opolskie Region (PL)



Marshal Office of the Opole Voivodeship is a self-government of the Opole Voivodeship, who is responsible for the economic and social development of the Opolskie Region.

The Office is supervised by the board, the president of which is Józef Sebesta, Marshal of the Opole Voivodeship. The Marshal Office is divided into 17 departments, all of which has tasks and responsibilities. The most important in terms of the region’s development are:

  •  Organization,
  •  Legal and Human Resource Department (responsible for the collabation with the NGOs, media and collecting the queries, concerns, proposals to the Councillors of the Voivodeship),
  •  Department of Coordination of Regional Operational Programmes (responsible for ensuring coordination between the operational programmes and the Structured EU Funds in the Region),
  •  Department of Regional Development (responsible for developing, updating and monitoring the Development Strategy of the Opole Voivodeship),
  •  Department of Foreign Relations and Promotion of the Region,
  •  Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (responsible for operating the information desk for potential funding beneficiaries and for handling applications under the Sectoral Operational Programme "Restructuring and modernization of Food Sector and Development of Rural Areas" and others).


About region: 

The Opole Voivodeship is located in the south-west part of the country, bordering on the Czech Republic and four other Polish provinces, i.e. Lower Silesia, Wielkopolska, Łódź and Silesia. The capital of Opole Voivodeship is the city of Opole. Total population is 1 million 88 thousand people. Total areas is 9,412 square km (3% of Poland territory). The region has 12 poviats (districts) and 71 gminas (communes).

The region has convenient location on major transit routes by rail, road ( the A4 motorway, which is a part of Pan-European shipping corridor, Berlin-Kiev) and Odra River inland waterway. The nearest airports are in Wroclaw and Katowice (Pyrzowice).

The Opole Land stands out nationally due to its large economic and investment potential and quick rate of ownership transformations. Companies with foreign capital account for 26 percent. Almost 70 percent of the Opole enterprises belong to the SME sector.

The City of Opole is the Region’s largest academic centre, home to the Opole University, the Technical University of Opole, the State Medical Vocational School and the School of Management and Administration, with over thirty one thousand university students.

The Opole Voivodeship is one of the signatories to a four-party agreement on interregional cooperation with Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany), Burgundy (France) and Stredicesky Kraj (Czech Republic).

Website: www.umwo.opole.pl


Marshal Office of the Opole Voivodeship 

ul. Piastowska 14 
45-082 Opole 

Community Initiatives Office 

Mr. Dariusz Kozak – Director
tel.: (+32) 2732 73 21
fax.: (+32) 2732 73 24


Mr. Tomasz Zalezny
tel.: (+48) 77 448 21 31 
fax: (+48) 77 448 21 31