Lower Austrian Government, Dept. Economic Affairs, Tourism and Technology (AT)


The Government of Lower Austria is the managing authority of the Regional Operational Programme. The department for economy, tourism and technology (WST3) is responsible for coordination and implementation of Lower Austria‘s economic strategy and the Regional Innovation System. Fostering the economic activities and regional innovation is of utmost importance for the competitiveness of the whole region of Lower Austria.

Among other activities WST3 is developing and managing the financial state aids for Lower Austrian companies in the areas of Investment, Research & Development & Innovation and SMEs. Since years the Lower Austrian government is putting particular emphasis on the in-process monitoring and ex-post impact evaluation of the own state aids programs as inherent part of the Continuous Improvement Process of the Regional Innovation System (CIP RIS NÖ), which was started with the development of the regional innovation strategy nearly 15 years ago. For CIP RIS NÖ Lower Austria was awarded by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) as the most innovative region in Europe in 2008.

WST3 is considering OSAIS as an important project for further improvement of the regional economic strategy and the related state aids programs. This is also reflected by the active role of WST3 as Component 3 coordinator within OSAIS and by the considerable contribution to the development of the OSAIS methodology.


About region: 


Lower Austria with 19,174km² is the largest province in Austria and has 1.55 million inhabitants. The capital of Lower Austria is St. Pölten. The region is located in the Northeast of Austria, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its main economic sectors are mechanical engineering, metal processing, wood, food, chemistry and oil industry, as well as rubber and plastic. In the northern area agriculture and forestry are also strong. Lower Austria´s GDP per capita amounts to 25,300 euro (2006), the GDP increased to 38,8 billion euro in 2009.

As one of the 9 federal provinces of Austria Lower Austria has a high degree of political and financial independency in regional innovation policy. Together with Austria's capital Vienna, a separate federal province located in the centre of Lower Austria, and Burgenland, Lower Austria forms the Vienna Region, characterised by formidable economic dynamism. The Vienna Region shows the strongest concentration of research institutions and universities in Austria.


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