OSAIS, “Observatory on State Aid Impact” is an initiative gathering 11 partners from different regions of European Union, which aims to provide the contribution to the regional state aid policies. The project is co-financed in the framework of the Operational Programme INTERREG IV C by the European Regional Development Fund. It’s implementation is planned for perspective of 2010-2013.

SMEs "Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" represents 99% of all European business and are a key driver for economic growth, innovation, employment and social integration, creating about 70% of all jobs. The aid granted to SME through various forms, represents an important part of the public resources allocated to the regional development. Considering the remarkable amount of resources involved, it is in the interest of each Public Authority to outline the situation regarding the exact amount of the aid granted and, at the same time, to know what is the impact on the area of the regional subsidy policy. Furthermore the present financial and economic crisis calls for evaluation of contingent policies to be implemented in 2009/2010 by Local Authorities to support the SMEs sector.